Bringing the blog back to life…

I'm back baby!

Well, it has been years (apparently no less than four!). Since my last post a lot has changed for me in particular, and, in tech at large.

So why hasn’t Alex been blogging one might not ask, and be forgiven. Well, let me explain and rant a little bit:

  • First, I have no more connection to the Delphi community for a number of reasons, most prominent being that I do not have a license and I am not willing to purchase one just to have some fun. All my open-source projects are .NET these days (incidentally, check out my GitHub) since Microsoft “graciously” offers a community edition of Visual Studio.
    Given that I have no idea what is going on in the world of Delphi, I have not progressed beyond my feelings of disappointment in the horrible quality of the compiler, mediocre support for cool new language features and etc.
  • Given the previous long rant, one can understand why I have stopped writing anything about Delphi.
  • I moved on to .NET.
  • The advent of “stack overflow programming” paradigm (also know as “just google it“) ate most of the topics I could talk about.
  • And finally, I got older and I started caring more about project architecture rather than small implementation details.

So here I am, and ready to start anew. I am not yet sure what is my next post going to be about, but I hope to have something interesting to write about, things that people might be interested in.

P.S. Some older posts might resurface in the next days due to me fixing and updating up my WordPress installation.


  1. Not to rain on your party, but I keep reading such statements in various places and it gets tiresome.

    “I got older” (age is not related, you mean you changed) and the rant about Delphi are annoying. .NET has it’s own set of quirks and also advantages.

    I have more diversified interests as well. Just talk about the new, and don’t diss the past.

    Have fun with your future projects and enjoy the change.

    1. “I got older” is a common way to express the “I changed” statement.

      There is no praise high enough that I would not bestow upon Delphi. It was ahead of its time for so long… It could have continued to be so, but … it did not.

      And finally, one cannot even use it unless one pays. There is no open source or free compiler provided by the owner company. I *can’t event try* to use it for non-profit projects.

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