TZDB 1.7 with 27 June Database

After a few months of inactivity I give you the latest update to TZDB featuring the last published TZ database. This realease also fixes a bug in the importer that could not properly read only hour based offsets which resulted in wrong calculations for some timezones.

For people trying to user Etc\xxxxx time zones. Those time zones have their sign inverted as specified by POSIX. This means that Etc\GMT+2 is actually GMT-2. This is not a bug in TZDB, it’s just the way these pseudo-timezones are defined.


For those unaware: TZDB is an open source project that provides Delphi (7+) and FreePascal (2.0+) users with a “built-in” timezone database. The same source of data is used in most Unixes, Java, MacOS and multiple other projects out there.

Grab the latest version here, and view the latest changes here.


  1. I have successfully installed the 2011n TZDB, now available from In doing so I found a very minor bug in your Vizualizer. I used this to test the 2011n install by viewing Pacific/apia, but for 2011 it showed only a single ‘period’, omitting the interesting changes this week relating to Western Samoa’s move across the date line (or vice versa) which are in the latest database.

    In the ProcessPeriod function you only check for change of time type, which fails for zones which are not members of a rule family and so have only a default type. I fixed it by using (in three places in this function):

    while (ATZ.GetLocalTimeType(AEnd) = AType) and
    (ATZ.GetDisplayName(AEnd) = ADisp) and
    (ATZ.GetUTCOffset(Aend) = ABias) do

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