TZDB 1.7 database 14 March

I have finally managed to get some free time on my hands and released the latest update to TZDB containing the latest DB (from 14 March). As usual, no code changes, just data updates.

For those unaware: TZDB is an open source project that provides Delphi (7+) and FreePascal (2.0+) users with a “built-in” timezone database. The same source of data is used in most Unixes, Java, MacOS and multiple other projects out there.

Grab the latest version here, and view the latest changes here.


  1. There seems to be a bug somewhere, either in the database or in your extraction code. All the ‘offset’ values for GMT+x and GMT-x in the table are values in minutes, for example 60, 120, 180. But this field should contain the offset in seconds, and does for almost all the other entries that I have so far checked. See the definition of CZone_307_Arr for an example. The result is a four-minute time change when I call ToLocalTime for GMT-4, instead of four hours.

    There are one or two other errors, such as a value of 300 for Cairo before 1900, and -70200 for Casablanca before 1913; but I do not need the historical data. In fact I would really like to have an option for the program that creates the .INC file, to include only data for years from the current year forward.

    I have fixed this for now by editing the INC file, but you may want to check the extraction code.

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