Surge of spam

Every time I post something to this blog I get 100+ spam messages a day for a few days. After this “rush” period the quantity starts dropping until I get maybe 2-5 spam messages a day … I’m pretty sure this post will bring much joy to the spam bots out there. It seems I just keep asking for it ­čÖé

How much spam do you guys (other bloggers out there) get on each post?

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  1. Since I’m using my own blog engine (still written in RAD Studio 2007 with ECO), I wrote my own spam filter which filters a few dozen comments each day. Mainly comments that point to other websites and/or use “special” words from a blacklist that I’ve been compiling (based on decreasing “success” of comments that passed the filter). There’s a slight chance I may block a valid comment, but only if it would use these words (and a mention of a “sexy” application would not be reason to kill it, neither would be a normal reference to a website).
    It seems to be a “battle” or “game” between the spambots and me – sometimes they come up with something that will “pass” (for a little while), but I can always manually remove comments, of course. That needs to be done about once a week nowadays…

  2. Same here, no spams, however I do get a few spam e-mails like 3-5 a month, they try to sell me lawyer, doctor list, etc. other than that I get only from real readers who want to discuss Delphi or programming related stuff.

  3. My spamfilter reports an average of 59 spams / day, I don’t have daily stats though.
    Very few spams get through (maybe once a week at worst)

  4. Yeah, Akismet is doing a good job for me too. So far 0 missed and only 1 false positive. Reminded me that I had to go there and have a look. Found 30 spams trapped and waiting to be deleted….

  5. I second Akismet. It works great. I also receive many spams too, but Akismet barely misses any of them. I might have 2 or 3 missed spams per month.

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