Collections 1.0.1

I’ve just put the 1.0.1 bug fix version up for download. It fixes XE compatibility issues, documentation fixes (thanks to Denisa Ilascu for her hard work). I don’t have access to Delphi 2010 and can’t say for sure whether it will work (I hope so).

EDIT: Confirmed, it works on Delphi 2010.

Download link here.


  1. Careful with that claim. With all those generics being used, it’s quite possible that something Linas didn’t test will break under D2010. (Or even that something Alex didn’t test will break under XE, for that matter.)

  2. @Mason Wheeler
    I’ve run the full DUnit test suite on XE and it worked. That’s good enough for me (especially considering the “unorthodox” code in that test suite).

    Now as far as D2010 goes … since DeHL works on 2010 I would assume collections will work too. But … indeed, Delphi’s compiler is yet unpredictable regarding generics.

  3. Alex —

    When I pull the code from GoogleCode, the projects won’t compile — I get:

    [Fatal Error] Can’t load package Collections.bpl.
    The system cannot find the file specified

    Is there something unusual about the directories in the project options that I’m missing?

  4. Alex, many thanks for this great set of container classes, that made me jump into generics for the first time. I’ve found only one (possible) issue so far: TSortedList throws an OutOfRange exception if its Method Contains() is called on an empty list. Is this an intended behaviour?

  5. Is the Collections 1.0.1 a replacement for DeHL ? (ie. DeHL is legacy code??)
    (I haven’t checked the code, but i’m assuming the .NET style strings are not included in Collections 1.0.1).

    Also freepascal in the last couple has added Delphi compatible generics and extended records are mostly supported now in the development version.

    Have you tried to run Collections on the latest development version of freepascal ??

  6. @Andrew Tierney
    DeHL is a separate project. My intent is to split it into multiple separate projects that will give you more freedom and will involve less overhead.

    I’m following FPC mailing lists and I haven’t seen any messages related to “delphi-like” generics.
    It might be possible to adapt Collections to FPC-style generics but I would need help on this.

  7. Hi just tried your Collections for the first time, and so far I am very impressed.
    Unfortunately your extensive xml-documentation doesn’t want to show up in Help Insight. I am using DXE Update 1. Any ideas on this ?

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