TZDB 1.6, oh man!

It seems that changes keep piling up. I decided it is time to get these announcements out of my blog and into their own discussion group. No more TZDB release related news will be written on this blog.

Anyway, TZDB 1.6 1.7 introduces a better Delphi/FreePascal version detection and should work on Delphi 6 and FreePascal 2.0. Let me emphasize: should work ! (tested on Delphi 7). It’s a real pain to keep a project compatible with so many version of Delphi and FreePascal even for such a small project. Also, the embedded time zone database was upgraded to the latest version.

Grab the latest version here, and view the latest changes here.


  1. Guess what… still doesn’t works… all the conditional stuff alerts about constant errors. I try to fix it by removing the conditional block just to make it compiles under D7, then got some errors in a call to foreach. Again I try to fix it and got more errors, seems the calls are not the right ones. I stop there, mainly because I haven’t the time to check, fix and recheck it. Hope this helps you to fix it.

  2. Get 1.7. I’ve put my hands on a Delphi 7 in the mean time and was able to test it properly this time! Yey! Anyway, the fix was almost trivial, copy-pasted the whole IFDEF block after a line (ForEach needed some love too).


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