Delphi 2009 – Exit;

A very useful and cool feature in Delphi 2009 is the Exit keyword. Yes, it’s that Exit that “returns” from a function call. So what’s so exiting about it? Nothing really – for people coming from C-like languages, but for Delphi people it’s the fact that you can now write this:

function f1(x : Integer) : Integer
if (x < 0) Exit(-1); Exit(x * x); end; [/sourcecode] instead of: [sourcecode language='delphi'] function f1(x : Integer) : Integer begin if (x < 0) begin Result := -1; Exit; end; Result := x * x; end; [/sourcecode] Well maybe it wasn't the best example of it's use but you surely found so many cases when you needed to write something like begin Result := ....; Exit; End; - Exit will be very useful in those cases.


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