About Me

Well, hello there! This page is about me, Alex. I am a passionate software developer and an avid world traveler.

My first encounter with a computer happened long ago, in the era of “DOS” (queue mysterious music). My first PC was a USSR-made 8086 clone named EC1841 which ran DOS 4.01. That is when I started playing along with Turbo Pascal and 8086 Assembler (TASM). I avoided Turbo C dues to its very long compile times.

Many years later, my next transition was straight to Windows 2000 running on Pentium III chip. This finally opened up the world of programming possibilities to be. Delphi 4 was the next logical successor to Turbo Pascal, Linux seemed like a gorgeous new non-Microsoft thing, Scripting languages like Bash and TCL showed their appeal.

Around 2008 I got the chance to work for Embarcadero Technologies on Delphi (RAD Studio) along-side the same developers that actually built the platform I loved so much since was a child. That was a great achievement for me professionally. My blog was started during that period!

Years later, here I am, writing about myself on this blog. At this stage, professionally, I am still neck-deep into Microsoft technologies like Azure Cloud and .NET Core but also passionately advocating for open source technologies.


You can check out my public LinkedIn profile by clicking here. Also, check out my GitHub page for all the projects I was and am involved with.