Not much to say about me actually. Yet another software developer/system engineer. The contents of this site are dedicated to my programming struggles mostly.

My tech/development experience starts a long time ago:

  • Started with DOS 4.x, Turbo Pascal and assembler. That period lasted long enough.
  • Win2k on a Pentium III was the next step directly from my good old 8086 :)
  • Worked a lot with Delphi, .NET (C# mostly), Java, a lot of DB development.
  • Yeah … GNU/Linux.

My work history is not that impressive. By far the most interesting place I worked in was Embarcadero Technologies first as Documentation Lead, then as a RTL Developer for RAD Studio (aka Delphi and C++ Builder). Currently developing ticketing systems in .NET, Java and whatever else is required.

You can check out my public LinkedIn profile by clicking here. Also, check out my GitHub page for all the projects I was and am involved with.