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Surge of spam

Every time I post something to this blog I get 100+ spam messages a day for a few days. After this “rush” period the quantity starts dropping until I get maybe 2-5 spam messages a day … I’m pretty sure this post will bring much joy to the spam bots out there. It seems I just keep asking for it :)

How much spam do you guys (other bloggers out there) get on each post?


Testing feeds. Ignore me!

Links up again

After some struggle I managed to get the downloads working again.


Downloads are down

Seems that the last update of the Download Monitor plugin I’m using in my WordPress broke down quite ugly. All the downloads were lost.

I will try to put them up and running ASAP.

Testing C# syntax

public int TestMethodA(Int32 testInt)
return testInt + 1;

1st post

Testing the blog engine. Looks like it works pretty well.